Leverne Bio Midi Black & Beige (1 Box- 2 pcs)

Leverne Bio Midi Black & Beige (1 Box- 2 pcs)


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Leverne Bio Mini Black-Beige & Beige-Black (1 Box- 2 pcs)


Leverne Bio Midi Black-Beige & Beige-Black (1 Box- 2 pcs)

Leverne Bio Midi Black & Beige (1 Box- 2 pcs)

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LEVerne is the solution for the women of today.

We offer you an underwear line that you’ve been looking for all the while: soft, sensuous, sturdy, breathable and fitting with the highest quality and form of protection – keeping you fresh and feeling good inside and outside, all the time.

Material95% Cotton 5% Spandex
FeatureAnti-bacterial, soft, sensuous, sturdy, breathable
ColorBlack, Beige

Waist (inches)24-2726-2928-3130-33

Our Breakthrough Technology:

Using advanced silver technology from Europe, we impregnate our unique formulation into the underwear and stop the replication of pathogens through direct contact with the harmful microbes. Our technology serves as a powerful barrier against the growth of harmful microbes and offers permanent protection throughout the lifespan of the garment.

Rigorous tests have shown extremely high performance results. By preventing the migration of harmful micro-organisms into vagina and urethral opening, our technology can help contribute towards maintenance of the integrity of the vaginal micro-flora which is crucial to overall feminine health.

Our Advantages:

Anti micro-organisms

Permanently protect you from disease and infection-causing micro-organisms.

Quality guarantee

A world class product conceived by top-notch experts in the healthcare and biomedical fields. A cutting-edge antimicrobial technology from Europe that has surpassed rigorous tests.

Germ free.Toxic free.Odor free.

Keeps you fresh, clean and odor- free.

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